Shavuot ~ Pentecost: Listen to Audios

The teachings are on the Festival of Shavuot (Pentecost) will explain the themes of Shavuot as well as explain that Yeshua gave the Torah at Mount Sinai and when He died on the tree that He died the death of the penalty of an adulterous woman. The themes of Shavuot will cover the counting of the omer (both the Karaite and Rabbinic Jewish view) and the personal spiritual application of counting the omer, the wheat harvest, the wedding betrothal, the first trump, waving the two loaves baked with leaven and renewing of the covenant.

This teaching series will also explain from the Midrash Rabbah on Numbers 5:12-31 (a wife suspected of adultery) how the rabbis associate the adulterous wife to the nation of Israel. The teaching will also explain that the 'church' (the House of Jacob) was born at mount Sinai and was reborn in Acts 2. It will explain how the original covenant at mount Sinai was a Torah based covenant and the reNEWed covenant is a Torah based covenant. The difference is that the original covenant is the Torah written upon a heart of stone and the reNEWed covenant is the Torah written upon a heart of flesh.