Invite Eddie to Speak

Eddie enjoys speaking at conferences, congregations, home fellowships or special gatherings large or small. Here are some guidelines to follow in inviting Eddie to speak.


Eddie does not set a minimum fee to speak at your event. Eddie believes that our Heavenly Father will provide for all our needs. As a result, Eddie speaks on a "love offering" basis.


The host for Eddie's speaking engagement is expected to take care of transportation expenses. In most cases, Eddie will fly to your area. In some instances, he may drive.  HHMI may book the travel or the host may book the travel. If HHMI books the travel, the host is expected to reimburse Eddie for his travel expenses.


The host is expected to provide lodging and pay for the lodging expenses for Eddie's speaking event.  He is flexible to stay at a local hotel or at the private home of his hosts.


Eddie likes to eat a wide variety of foods. He prefers to not eat wheat, corn, rice or white potatoes. He eats Biblically clean foods.


Typically, Eddie will bring teaching or resource materials to his speaking event to sell  to his speaking audience to aid them in their studies on the Hebraic roots of Christianity. Usually, a small table is needed to sell these products.


You may inquire to schedule Eddie to speak in your area in one of the following ways:

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