Who is the House of Jacob? ~ Watch Videos

The House of Jacob is the nation of Israel.

They are all twelve tribes of Israel. It is the name of the covenant family of the God of Israel. The house of Jacob is like an olive tree (Jer. 11:16-17, Rom. 11:17-24). The house of Jacob received the Torah at Mount Sinai (Ex.19:3). After the days of David and Solomon, they were divided into Northern Kingdom (house of Israel) and Southern Kingdom (house of Judah). The New Covenant was made with the house of Israel and the house of Judah (Jer. 31:31, Heb. 8:8). It is the of Elijah to proclaim restoration to the house of Jacob in the end of days (Malachi 4:4-6). The house of Israel and the house of Judah will be reunited (Ez. 37:15-28). Yeshua will rule over the house of Jacob forever. (Luke 1:33)

judgment of the nations, the fall of the end time “daughter of Babylon” nation, the ingathering of the exiles of Israel, which will usher in the beginning of the Messianic era. These things are associated with the “controversy of Zion”. This controversy is over the land of Israel. On one side will be those who, in faith, believe the covenant that God made with Abraham and his descendants (the descendants of Jacob). On the other side will be those who want to divide the land to create a Palestinian station (the descendants of Esau). The great tribulation period, lasting for 1260 days, is known as “Jacob’s trouble.” Listen in as Eddie maps out this compelling topic!