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Yeshua: The Hebrew Word for Jesus

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Restoring the Two Houses of Israel
The Seven Festivals of the Messiah
Who is the Bride of Christ?
Restaurando Las Dos Casas de Israel
Las Siete Fiestas del Mesias
?Quien es la Novia de Cristo?
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Free Audio Teachings

Restoring the Two Houses of Israel


Chapter 1 - Who Are the Two Houses of Israel?

Chapter 2 - Who is the Church and Who is Israel?

Chapter 3 - G-d's Power Twins: Torah & Grace

Chapter 4 - The Sabbath: Our Rest is in Messiah

Chapter 5 - The 7,000 Year Plan of G-d

Chapter 6 - Yeshua, Our Jewish Messiah

Chapter 7 - Is the Jewish Messiah G-d?

Chapter 8 - Israel: The Fig Tree Blossoms

Chapter 9 - The UN-Israel_Arab Peace Process

Chapter 10 - Jerusalem: The City of the Great King

Chapter 11 - The Judgment of the Nations

Chapter 12 - Ephraim & Judah Become One House





What the Rabbis Teach about the Ten Lost Tribes Vol 1

Rabbis Teach about the Ten Tribes 

The Northern Kingdom (Ephraim) and the Southern Kingdom (Judah) differed both politically and religiously. They have never been united since the split between them following the days of Solomon. The Northern Kingdom was taken captive by the Assyrians. Upon their captivity, the Ten Tribes have been assimilated and intermingled into the nations of the world. The intermarriage of the Assyrians and the descendents of the Northern Kingdom who lived in the land of Israel were known as Samaritans. The Jews and the Samaritans never got along with each other. Joseph being sold by his brothers foreshadows the dividing of the nation of Israel into Northern Kingdom and Southern Kingdom. Joseph's unification with His brothers foreshadows the unification of Ephraim and Judah in the end of days. Ezekiel lying on his side foreshadows the sin and punishment of the Northern Kingdom. The suffering of a righteous individual can atone for the sins of the nation of Israel. The suffering of Ezekiel foreshadows the suffering of the Messiah for His people. The Ten Tribes did not unite with Judah at the end of the Babylonian captivity during the days of Ezra and Nehemiah. Orthodox Jews pray three times a day for the ingathering of the exiles of Israel. The Ten Tribes will return to the land of Israel and be united with Judah at the dawn of the Messianic Era. It is the Messiah who will gather the exiles of Israel.

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